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149:  Database Resources and Design Definition

In this show IBM Champion and everyone’s second favorite Doctor returns to NotesIn9. That’s right, Dr. Marky Roden is in the house with a GREAT tip on ways to speed up Domino Designer by using Design Definition to better control your database resources. We last saw the good Doctor back on September 13th, 2012, Episode 74, talking about using jQuery. Don’t miss todays demo. You never know if he’ll disappear for another 684 days again. === Also yesterday I mentioned that this month is the 5 year anniversary of NotesIn9. I just want to thank everyone for all the nice messages, comments, and even a blog post. It means a lot and is very appreciated! Thank You! UPDATE: The Audio for Marky’s demo isn’t great. I’m pretty sure I messed that up in the processing of the video.

69:  Dynamically Expanding View Panel Rows

This show marks the 3 year anniversay of NotesIn9. In this show Mark Roden comes back on to talk about using JQuery to dynamically expand view content.

50:  Improving Type Ahead Control

Today, for my “50th” show I get to welcome another new contibutor to the show. Dr. Mark Roden contributes a video that not only shows us how to improve the built in TypeAhead feature by adding a visual Indicator to tell the user it’s actually working, BUT he also takes a deep dive into FireBug and show’s us how XPages is constructing the control behind the scenes. I think it’s a fascinating look into the inner workings of XPages and Dojo.

74:  Getting started with jQuery Plugins in XPages

In this show Dr. Mark Roden returns to NotesIn9 to show us how to get started with adding a typical jQuery Plugin to our XPages applications. There are probably thousands of plugins available for jQuery and they can be used to enhance your website. I also talk about the current open nomination period for elections. If you have time and desire please consider getting involved in OpenNTF. It's a worthwhile resource.

171:  IBM Bluemix Text to Speech

This show will feature our very first, but definitely not our last, look at IBM Bluemix. Bluemix is a Platform as a Service solution from IBM that gives you tools to quickly build web and mobile applications. IBM is even adding XPages capability and the original NoSQL database, Domino .nsf , capability to Bluemix. In today’s show Mark Roden comes on to show how you can connect with IBM Watson and harness it’s Text to Speech capability. It’s very cool. Links: Bluemix 5 new IBM Watson services Text To Speech demo Getting started with Text to speech