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32:  Test Xpages

In this show, Peter Presnell comes on to give a high level look at some of the options available to test XPage applications.

110:  Mobile Controls Part 1

In today’s show, Peter Presnell, a past contributor comes on to start a 3 part series on Mobile controls. In Part 1 he will give us a very basic introduction to the concepts around the mobile controls. In Part 2 he’ll go through each design element.

112:  Mobile Controls Part 3

In this show Peter Presnell returns to conclude his 3 part series on XPages Mobile Controls. Today he’ll cover outlines and Data Views.

111:  Mobile Controls Part 2

Peter Presnell comes back today with Part 2 of his series on XPages Mobile controls. In this show he’ll go through all the current controls provided with Ext. Library / UpdatePack / Designer 9 and define what they are and go through their key properties.