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145:  Simple Feedback in XPages

This is the last show I have from Tim Tripcony. This is probably the simpliest demo he’s done for Ni9 but no less important. It’s a demo of a way to return a message to a user based on an action. Tim actually gave me this demo maybe a year ago and I just totally forgot about it and I assume he then did as well. While I hate the thought of forgetting about it I think it makes this show a little special. I was so happy to discover it when I went through our shared dropbox.

130:  Using XPages Type Ahead for Navigation.

In this episode Tim Tripcony makes a brilliant return to the show with a great demo on using "Fancy Typeahead" as navigation. This builds on some previous examples on Type Ahead that you might want to look at as well. -- This is the really important one for Fancy Typeahead P.S. This show has been released at a different resolution. I usually try and stay with 1280x720 but Tim's demo was 1980x1080. Bigger is better when working in Designer so please let me know what you think. If the resolution is ok or if it cases a problem. If it's all ok then maybe I don't need to keep worrying about staying within the 1280x720. Let me know what you thi

144:  OAuth for Domino Walkthrough

In this show Tim Tripcony explains how to get your Domino server to PROVIDE OAuth credentials and services. #codefortim Note: This show is a odd resolution because Tim sent me his demo at a bigger size then normal. Because of this I’m not sure if it will play on mobile devices.

133:  Using Java in XPages Part 2

In this show, Tim Tripcony expounds on the last episode where I did a very basic CRUD example that’s based on Java binding rather then document binding. I had mentioned one of the problems with building the java classes was that I would create getters and setters for each field. Tim’s going to show how you can build your code to avoid that. He also improves the CRUD example with a little BootStrap Magic!

134:  Using Java in XPages Part 3

In this show Tim Tripcony continues his series of exploring the use of Java with your XPages application.  Today's show discusses linking buttons to Java, dealing with ReadOnly properties and how to deal with explilcit getters and setters - but only when you want to! There's even a little more Bootstrap goodness in here!

63:  Creating an In View Edit Custom Control

In this show Tip Tripcony returns with the first of a two part series. This first part is about creating a custom control to edit fields on an XPage “in place”. So no opening another page or dialog needed. Really nice UI feature!

64:  Global Custom Controls

n this show Tim Tripcony comes back on the show with an amazing demonstration on how to take an existing custom control and make it globally available to all the applications on your server. I’ve had many conversations with Tim, and he’s so far ahead of the game I’m usually pretty happy if I understand 50% of what he’s trying to say. But in this demo, which is a more advanced topic I was able to really grasp what was going on. Hope you like the show!

48:  Applying Themes to Form Tables

Tim Tripcony comes on the show to talk about how to use themes to control your field layout inside the Application Layout Control.

135:  Using Java in XPages Part4

Tim Tripcony returns again for another great show in his Java series. Today he’ll be introducing the concept of a “MimeBean”. A “MimeBean” gives the ability to save Java Objects inside a notes field. It opens up many new possibilities for storing data in your applications. Not to be missed!

136:  Using XPages with Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome

Ok enough Java.  We need something that even Marky Roden might like! In this show Tim Tripcony returns to end out "Tim Tripcony week" on NotesIn9.  He'll give a demo on how you can start using Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome with your XPages applications.  He'll do so by using themes and a content delivery network. Really good stuff!!

143:  Component vs Value binding in XPages

In this show Tim Tripcony explains that while we’ve typically been binding to a value all this time, it’s possible to bind to a component inside your XPages Development. This show was originally published elsewhere and I basically grabbed this to try and improve the visibility and get Tim’s information as much exposure as possible. I have 2 new unpublished videos from Tim coming next.