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67:  Creating a Custom Control

Chris Toohey, a NEW contributor, comes on the show to talk about how to create a custom control that can play HTML5 audio sources. Whether or not your interested in audio, the methods of creating a custom control are not to be missed.

81:  XPages File Upload Hack

This is an odd show for me, because it's more about something that I've been struggling with and a discussion of the problem and I don't have a demo of the solution. I now think I know how to get the solution so you'll definately see it on a future show, but this is more about trying to make an awareness of the issue and a demo of how this is solved in a different application. Also since I'm struggling with this stuff, and have not done a lot with uploading files yet please feel free to comment if I'm missing anything. The problem is the file upload control. It doesn't always work. I believe you must use a full refresh rather then a partial refresh. But even if you might set it for a full refresh it's not working inside mobile controls and apparantly the ext. library dialog. So when I get stuck I search for help and found a great blog post AND video that Chris Toohey did back in 2011. I asked Chris if I could re-run his demo for the NotesIn9 audience and he said go for it. So this show is about a problem getting file upload to work inside a dialogbox which I'm pretty sure is the same problem inside mobile controls. Chris will demo the workaround which is to use an HTML iframe element. P.S. This show ends NotesIn9 week. I hope you enjoyed it. No shows next week as I'm away for vacation but I'll be starting back up once I get back. Thanks for watching!!!