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79:  How to use the XPages Dynamic View Panel Control

NotesIn9 welcomes long time speaker but first time contributor Paul Calhoun to the show. Paul is an amazing teacher and he'll show us how to use the Dynamic View Control. This is a control from the XPages Extension Library that can basically auto-create views for you. Say you have 15 views in your application. Previously you might have to make 15 xpages or custom controls to show them all. Well no longer! The Dynamic View Panel Control can make the views automatically for you. This saves you lots of time! Hmmm Sounds like an infommercial really. :-) But wait there's more! Paul will also show you how you can individually customize these automatically built views! That's right friends! Don't wait. Click on the video now to be amazed! :-)

102:  Introduction to Apache FOP in XPages

In this show Paul Calhoun returns with a great video on how to get started using Apache FOP to create PDF’s from XPages. Apache FOP has potentially better licensing terms then iText which has been mentioned on some previous NotesIn9′s. So it’s something you might want to look at for PDF creation.

98:  Using Apache POI to Export from XPages

In this episode Paul Calhoun returns with a great show on exporting XPages Data using the Apache POI project. There’s been some examples of how to export to Excel already on NotesIn9 but this is different. Apache POI is capable of making TRUE Excel binary files where the previous example relied on creating an HTML table for import. If you want to export to Excel or Word, this is the way to do it.

92:  Using the Dojo Enhanced Data Grid in XPages

In this show Paul Calhoun returns with a good one. Paul will demonstrate how to use the Dojo Enhanced Data Grid in your applications. What this does is add a little eye candy and a lot of functionality to your XPages. If you sometimes you need a little more then a static table on a web page from a view or repeat control then the enhanced Data Grid might be just what you’re looking for. What’s really nice about this video is Paul will show you how to implement this on 8.5.3 and even pre-8.5.3 servers! I think it’s always worth remembering that even though XPages comes with a lot of core controls, and the Ext. Library/Upgrade Pack add a LOT more to that list, there is much more functionaliy built into the Dojo Framework and that comes pre-installed on every XPage server.

83:  Using the XPages Dynamic View Control Part 2

In this show Paul Calhoun comes back on to continue where he left off in part 1 and shows us how to get the dynamic view control working with the layout control. Before we get to Pauls demo, I also discuss a couple of things. The first is a review of how to navigate the various NotesIn9 resources on the web -,, and and the second is a little discussion on Scoped Variables and some best practices in my opinion.