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80:  Getting Started with XPages Social Enabler

Here's a first for NotesIn9. Not only are we getting yet another brand new contributor that I've wanted to get on the show since LAST Lotusphere. And not only is this person from IBM which is just really cool to see on Ni9. And not only is this person the lead of my favorite software product - Domino Designer. But.... It's his BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! So a big happy birthday and welcome to NotesIn9 to Dan O'Connor!! Dan is a great guy that I had the pleasure of working with a bit last year as I helped to put together the 2nd XPages Cheatsheet that was focused on Social Tools. In this show Dan first talks about the Social Enabler and what it is and means. Then he goes into a demo on how you might go about connecting your xpages application to something like DropBox or Connections or Twitter.

99:  Domino Designer 9 Social Edition (Beta)

In this show Dan O’Connor returns! Dan is the lead for the Domino Designer product and he will demonstrate some of the new features that are in the public beta that should be available for download on Dec 14th. I thought it was really appropriate to have a Designer 9 preview for the 99th show! I believe this is the first public look at the actual public beta code that will be released on Dec. 14th. Big thanks to Dan and IBM for allowing this to happen. There’s a lot in here for the XPages developer. The main event though has to be the SSJS Debugger!!!! That’s right. We’re getting a Server Side JavaScript Debbuger!! This show is not to be missed!