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85:  Sharing Managed Beans in XPages Part 2

In this show Russ Maher comes back on with the 2nd part his 3 part series on creating and working with Java managed Beans in XPages. While the purpose of this episode is to share data between multiple beans, and it’s not a pure “getting started with beans”, there’s a lot of good beginner information in here on how you can use beans and Russ also does a really good discussion on Java Maps. I like that he even talks about this code: FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap.get(key) and describes what each piece really means. Russ will also introduce the concept of variable resolver which seems to be very popular with the advanced XPages developers. This content should not be missed for an XPages Developer.

86:  Sharing Managed Beans in XPages Part 3

In this show Russ Maher concludes his three part series on sharing Bean data inside your XPages applicaton. In today’s show he’ll talk about using Managed Properties. Over the course of this series Russ has taught us a lot about Beans, Java, XPages/JSF concepts like variable resolvers and now Managed Properties for Beans. I want to thank Russ very much for contributing all this great material to NotesIn9. I really appreciate it and I’m sure others have as well.

97:  Using jQuery in XPages to connect controls

In this show Russ Maher returns to give us a really cool lesson on jQuery. He’ll demonstrate how to use it to enhance your abilitity to do “Hide/When” on your web page based on the value of something like a checkbox or radio button. I know jQuery is something I want to get into a little more myself. Thanks Russ!

84:  Sharing Managed Beans in XPages Part 1

This show starts of a 3 part series from another New Contributor. I'm very excited to bring onto the show Russ Maher who is an excellent Developer and Speaker. Russ is going to show us how you can use Managed beans for your benefit to solve a business problem. Since this show is once again about Java I talk a little but up front on getting started with the Java Language, especially in learning the syntax of Java. I've used the Head First Java book and liked it. But recently I found a great new website designed to teach the Java Language. This site is run by Trevor Page. He also does a Podcast and has produced a really good ebook on the subject. I highly recommend checking is site out for anyone who's starting to learn Java.