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93:  Introduction to DOTS

In this episode I welcome Serdar Besegmez, an IBM Champion and new contributor to the show. Serdar will come on to talk about DOTS. DOTS is way for you to create your own server tasks. Very fast and very powerful. While this topic is a little more on the advanced scale, I think Serdar has done an excellent job of walking through the concepts of DOTS and then showing how to setup your development environment and finally how to run it on the server. He highlights additional resources such as a Show-&-Tell from Lotusphere2012 and even shows a key tip on outputting messages to the console.

127:  XPages Parallel Processing

In this show Serdar Basegmez returns with a demo taken from his recent presentation at Icon UK. He'll introduce the concept of creating a new thread in your XPages application that can be used for longer running processes. This effectively lets you do 2 things at once in your application. You can download a demo database here: