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101:  Jailbreak Your View Columns

In this show Brad Balassaitis, a wonderful new contributor, comes onto the show to talk to us about how to get complete control of your view columns. He does a great job showing how to do different things with a view column. It’s also a really good demonstration on using client side JavaScript. So even if you’re not a big fan of View Controls, there’s really good content in here and it’s explained extremely well.

120:  XPages Data View Control Part 2: Customization

In this show Brad Balassaitis comes back on with a show on how to customize the Data View control. This is the 2nd video that Brad's contributed on this control. Part 1 is at This show also has a lot of great detail on how Facets/Editable areas work. He also shows you how to inspect elements on the XPage. Really great stuff in this show. Do NOT miss this show!

147:  Using dGrowl with XPages

In this show Brad Balassaitis returns to Ni9 to give us some great instruction on how to start using the “dGrowl” project with our XPages applications. This is a tool that lets you popup messages back to the user. It’s a somewhat common effect and I really really like it. Actually before I got this demo from him I was attempting to do something similar inside Bootstrap4XPages and now I might try and switch to dGrowl for the additional features. In addition to using dGrowl there’s great information on installing the dojo plugin that could apply to adding other plugins to your applications as well. UPDATE: Brad’s made a blog post on enhancing this even further. UPDATE 2: Here are some additional posts on getting this type of effect in XPages Jesse Gallagher: Frank van der Linden: