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156:  Introduction to Custom Renderers in XPages

In this show, Jesse Gallagher officially starts the NotesIn9 Hackathon with a great introduction on “custom renderers” in XPages. While this seems to be a really scary topic, Jesse explains it in a way that even I can grasp it.

106:  Intro to Java Controller Classes

In this show Jesse Gallagher, a great new contribitor, comes on to give us an over view of using Java Controller Classes to help seperate your business logic from your XPage. By moving your logic outside of the XPage you get much cleaner XML source for your XPage. If you’re new to the thought of using Java inside XPages, I’d suggest don’t focus on the actual syntax that Jesse’s using here but the overal concepts. This is very similar to using Lotusscript custom classes to hold your business logic so you have cleaner agents and view buttons.

158:  Intro to the Frostillicus Framework

In this show Jesse Gallagher returns to give us an introduction to this amazing Framework he’s created to try and improve the XPages coding experience. I can’t say that I totally “get it” yet BUT it looks VERY interesting. I have so far taken the “controller” piece from the framework and I’m successfully using that in my applications and I’ll be featuring that on NotesIn9 very soon. It’s really improved how I create my applications.