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191:  A Beard, an App, and a Blender

IBM Champion Eric McCormick makes a triumphant return with a show that needs to be seen to believed. And I really mean that because I literally can’t describe it and do it justice. Apparently there’s a great big world out there for developers and Eric does a great job introducing it to us.

189:  Introduction to SonarQube with a side of Docker

In this show Eric McCormick returns to show us how to use SonarQube and Docker to help us improve our code.

180:  Alternative Frontend Development for XPages

In this episode Eric McCormick returns with a great show talking about how to surface some of your XPages/Domino data to different frontends like AngularJS.

173:  Getting Started with Servlets

This is one of those shows that I think is really important. Today we welcome Eric McCormick, a new contributor and IBM Champion, to the show. Eric did a geat demo showing us how to get started using Java to make Servlets inside our XPages Applications. This opens a lot of doors to expose your data to applications outside of the Domino server. Eric’s Blog Note: This show doesn’t have great audio. My headset stopped working for some reason and also Eric recorded the show in several takes I think. I tried to clean up what I could – hopefully it’s not a huge problem.

187:  Highlights from MWLug 2015 – Nginx and PageSpeed

In this show, IBM Champion, Eric McCormick, returns with a great show taken from his presentation at the MWLug conference. He’ll be talking about Nginx and PageSpeed and how and why you should care about them.