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186:  XPages and IBM Bluemix Part 3

In this show IBM Champion Oliver Busse concludes his 3 part series on getting started with XPages inside IBM Bluemix.

192:  Intro to Graph Database in XPages

In this show IBM Champion and all around amazing developer Oliver Busse returns with an EPIC demonstration where he talks about using Graph Databases inside the XPages/Domino world. I’m far from an expert on them but Graph Databases are what the “Big Boys” like Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. use to more effectively maintain data that relates to other data. Now you can get started with this inside you’re familiar XPages environment. This is definitely a show not to be missed!

184:  XPages and Bluemix Part1

In this show, IBM Champion and all around awesome person, Oliver Busse returns to kick off a three part series on using XPages with IBM Bluemix.

185:  XPages and IBM Bluemix Part 2

In this show IBM Champion Oliver Busse returns to talk more about using XPages inside IBM Bluemix.

148:  Getting XPages to talk to your phone

Today we get another great contributor in the form of Oliver Busse. His website is He’s going to do a really neat demo of how to intergrate XPages with to send messages to a phone that has the PushOver App installed. I think that it’s always nice to see how to mix XPages with other services.

174:  Getting Started with Custom Renderers

In this show Oliver Busse returns with a great show on how to get started with Custom Renderers. His twitter is @zeromancer1972 and he can be found at